We'd like you to introduce you to our dear friend and soul sister, Nicole Cramer. Nicole was part of our amazing tribe of women in Costa Rica on retreat last year, and we were blessed to get to know her adventurous spirit, beautiful heart, and joyful, honest, real way of being.   


Nicole is a Holistic Health Coach who works one-on-one with clients ready to take healthy steps towards their wellness goals. Nicole also works full time for Aramark Refreshments and is a mommy to Cassie, that sweet "little" rescue boxer you see above 🐶❤️ 

“ I appreciate that I can trust my body. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that my body is always sending me messages and it’s up to me to listen. I love that my body intuitively knows what it needs and how to heal itself.
I believe my unique gift to the world is to continue to have the courage to be myself and follow my dreams and passions. My soul’s purpose is to lead by example and help improve the quality of their life by taking healthy steps to achieve goals. I want to continue to learn how to love and have compassion for all people and to be grateful for everything in life - the good, the bad...all of it! I recently heard a quote that really resonated with me...“Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor.” - Rumi
I wish other women would remember their innate beauty and self-worth. Self-confidence is so attractive yet many of us struggle with it because of the mixed messages we receive about the priorities of society. Women also need to remember that we’re all in this together and that we need to work harder to build each other up and be there to support one another in our efforts. We are all struggling with different things at different times and having more compassion and understanding would be a great way for women to empower one another.”

Follow Nicole's instagram to keep up with exciting announcements about private health coaching specials, health coaching group classes, and essential oil workshops, as well as many other exciting events she’s planning for 2018! 
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Say hello to this beautiful, inspiring, powerful lady who we are so blessed to know, 

Kristin Sellens ❤️

Her resilient strength is infectious and her kind gentle soul shines through every smile 💛💛


"what I appreciate most about my body is its resilience and beauty despite how I have treated it. I have tried to kill it, I have abused substances with it, I have fueled it with terrible food, I have let it carry the weight of my past hurts in its cells. But yet I stand here physically strong and healthy, a true testament to my body's resilience and ability to change. I love that I now get to treat it well and love seeing how it responds to my love for it. 

I believe my  purpose is to help other women like me by continually sharing my experience, strength, and hope. I regularly meet with other women and share my experiences in order to let them know they are not alone and they don't have to go through this journey (life) alone.  

My message to other women is that, in my opinion, the key to happiness is gratitude and forgiveness. Holding on to past resentments and fears only gives it power, and you have the power to choose forgiveness. Realize that even in dark times, there is always something to be grateful for (e.g. a healthy body, a blanket to keep me warm, a loving pet, etc.) and you have the power to focus on appreciating what you have over what you do not. Forgiveness and Gratitude are two of the biggest tools that have helped me navigate life." 

I am a South Bay native (grew up in El Segundo) and currently live in Redondo Beach with my boyfriend and 3 pets (dog and 2 cats!). I work in advertising and love the fast paced lifestyle, but equally love recharging with a good book, bike ride, or going to a movie solo. I love traveling and have been blessed to travel quite a bit, but dream about getting to start a family and building a home.

Thank you for your heart and your contribution Kristin! We love you, and are so thankful for you and all the lives you will touch!


Keji Sojobi was born in Nigeria and has been a proud Californian almost all her life!  Her loves in addition to music are:  hersd day job as an engineer, being a Long Beach resident, traveling near and far, food, and all the awesome people I'm blessed to be walking this life's path with.


It's really important to me that people (all over the world, and specifically in my country, the US) see immigrants and refugees as human beings and not an inherent threat.  I've been initiating more conversations about it lately both because of the current political climate and because I am an immigrant myself, having come from Nigeria to the States with my parents when I was a toddler.  I'm also a songwriter and musician and recently wrote a song inspired by my family's immigration story.  I play it live often and hope to have it recorded and available for all to hear soon :)

I love how my body takes care of me.  I was brought up to trust my body and let it do what it's naturally made to do, and it hasn't failed me yet!  When I get sick, it fights and gets better.  When I treat it right by eating good things and getting good sleep, it carries me throughout each day.  Even when I don't treat it all that well - say I push it harder than I should - it takes me further than I think is possible.  My body is miraculous :)

What is my soul purpose? I've had a hard time answering this question lately, but I think that's because I've been afraid.  Honest introspection always leads me back to the belief that expression through music is my soul's purpose.  That's something I don't want to mess up, though, and I get very perfectionistic about it - hence the fear.

My message to other women is to be kind to themselves.  I struggle to remember this, always.  I think we women tend toward perfectionism, at least in basic aspects of our lives and of who we are, and that leads to us being cruel to and unforgiving of ourselves, even when we may be full of love and forgiveness toward others.


This is the incredible Jennelle Gordon, who leads people on several continents into a Divine Union through the practice of yoga.


"I love that no matter the trauma my body experienced it's still integrated.  I love my legs they carry me through the day, I love the unique womanly curves I possess.  I love my heart it keeps me connected to Source, I love my Yoni for it reminds me I am Divine feminine energy Shakti.  I love my mind because knowledge can never be robbed from me.  

"My soul's purpose is to use my voice to advocate sex for sex trafficking women because as a victim I had none.  Dance Om is a vehicle I created to help women like myself who've suffered traumas to heal.  It combines my experience as a Tantra Yoga Teacher, and my exotic dance history combined with world music to take women on a journey through the energetic archetypes we possess and find healing.  So ultimately it's about educating, empowering, and enlightening women." 

Jennelle wishes that women would remember "their power and vulnerability.  In a society that objectifies women while oppressing them it's important we know our worth, dive into our sacred sexuality, and step up to strength we fully embody."  

For more information about Dance Om and Jennelle's non profit work Humans 4 Justice OC, please visit


Meet this San-Franciscan beaut, Meredith.

She's a traveler at heart whose body has loyally taken her all across the world and allowed her to see and experience the joy and beauty this life has to offer. Meredith is a champion for strong women in all arenas of her life, and she hopes to spread compassion wherever she goes.  

FullSizeRender (9).jpg
see what this brunette bombshell has to say about body gratitude, her purpose in life, and why women need to be empowering one another...

" I appreciate my body’s divine ability to change, grow and carry me through life’s adventures. I love that my body can be active and strong and make me feel invigorated in times of joy and exploration and I find comfort in my body’s ability to rest and recover and keep me grounded during times of solitude. While my body may not stay consistent in shape or size, it’s been able to carry me to the tops of mountains and to the depths of oceans. It’s afforded me the ability to see some of world’s most awe-inspiring scenery. During the times that I start feeling down or unappreciative of my body’s outward appearance, I can’t help but honor the journey we’ve been on together… and feel grateful.

I believe that my soul purpose is to find compassion and light in every situation. If more of us could demonstrate compassion toward one another, our society would change immensely.

I want women to continue to share their struggles, their triumphs, their knowledge, and their stories. Now more than ever, women need to focus on one another. We need to make it our priority to empower each other and learn from each other. We are an incredible force, we have a strength that’s been passed down from generations of women before us and we must acknowledge that power and use it for change and good in the world. "

Meredith lives in San Francisco, CA where she works at Madison Reed; a women-owned, women-run company, for women.  There she manages an event series called Own Your Beauty, which partners with other women-based organizations to address societal issues and provide education and workshops that will help propel women’s careers. Meredith's dream is to pack a bag, travel the world for a year and experience as many cultures and cuisines as humanly possible!

Like a true aquarius, Mere is a lover of adventure, a free spirit, and a seeker of any water she can take a dip in. Follow her on instagram


This is Erin, a true soul sister.

just look at that smile, will ya.
just realized i've been sitting here for the last 5 minutes smiling back at her on my computer screen, because how could you not? this girl is just pure joy.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 3.05.35 PM.png

here's her story.

what Erin loves about her body...

Growing up in house of 7 siblings, 6 of which were boys, bodies were NEVER a topic of discussion, so mine was never really on my mind. When I got to high school, I started to notice how often it was discussed and how girls of every shape and size were calling themselves fat. I started to question my own body, “if those tiny girls think they’re fat, should I think I’m fat? Am I fat?” I began to constantly review myself and compare myself to others, which lemme tell ya, is the THE DUMBEST thing to do.
I quickly began to realize no matter what size I was, I wasn’t satisfied because I could always find something wrong and I could always find someone “better.” SO I grew older and hopefully a little wiser when I made the conscious decision to stop comparing myself to others and stop striving to be perfect. Why would I try to be perfect if perfection isn’t a thing.
I hate to sound like a cheese, but whenever I love someone, it’s the unique and quirky things about them that I wouldn’t change for the world. Now I’m almost fully comfortable with who I am and what I look like. I try to embrace my stretch marks and everything about my body. Plus, I’ve always thought confidence is the most attractive quality, soI strive to have just that. Don’t get me wrong, I still get self-conscious about plenty, but I am proud of the fact that I am growing and loving myself and others more as I get older.
SO to answer the question more simply, I love that my body is with me through thick and thin ;) my current mindset is, if I am physically healthy and feeling good I’m happy with it, if my body decides to look good along with that, it’s just a nice little bonus.

she's got a beautiful soul, and definitely has a unique purpose, even more than she realizes yet...

How weird is it that there’s literally billions of people in the world, yet no people are exactly the same. That’s always been crazy to me. I love that the people in my life bring me new and exciting things to our relationship all the time whether they try to or not. It’s what keeps life exciting! Everyone has a unique gift to give to the world even if that’s simply their presence. Unfortunately, I don’t have something too specific to give, but I think part of my purpose is to figure that out. As of now, I hope to spread positivity not with only with words, but with action. I want to encourage people to be themselves, take care of themselves and connect with others and help others. I hope to feel so comfortable in my own skin that those around me want to do the same. I hope to be kind and caring and make a positive impact in people’s lives even if that’s just from being fully there for them or just laughing with them. Relationships of all kinds are what truly make me happy, so I hope those connections are impactful and important.

she wants YOU to know...

  • I hope others remember to never base their own self worth off of another. Give yourself the love and care you need, not only will you feel more secure within yourself no matter what, but it will improve your relationships with others. Have your own happiness and share that with others, don’t let someone take it from you because that’s not balance and life needs balance! I know that can be very hard to find at times, but if you are aware of what you’re doing it’s easier to learn and improve over time. 

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Life isn’t a race or game and those who are trying to win will likely have huge regrets at the end of their life. If you need to compete against anyone, compete against yourself, people move at different paces and care about different things.

  • Life really is short, so think about what you genuinely care about and what makes you happy and embrace it. Start to declutter your head by evaluating what really matters to you, what people think of you should not be at the top of that list or on that list at all. Make important, deep relationships with people who care about you and do things about things you care about! Start petitions or go to a rally about something you're passionate about. 

Lastly, of course we all have bad days, andthings that hold us back from being happy, but if life is so short make it a mission to be happy, do whateva it takes even if it’s hard!

amen, sister!

Erin is a Hermosa Beach native, currently attending Northern Arizona University, where she is studying visual communication and graphic design.
She plans to use her love for art and music in her future designs and work, to help people feel more understood and connected to one another. 
Follow her art account @artbythestringbean 
Follow her music 
Erin performing at local art space,  Shockboxx , with friend Regan Wojick for a 1736 Family Crisis Center charity event.

Erin performing at local art space, Shockboxx, with friend Regan Wojick
for a 1736 Family Crisis Center charity event.

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We are so excited to celebrate this inspiring, beautiful, giving, amazing human, Samira! 

She has been working as a social worker for the last 10 years where in her work with refugees she meets teenagers used and tricked into the cruel world of sex trafficking. Their strengths, stories and lives inspired her to go back to school to get a degree in criminal psychology. Samira is also passionate about providing opportunities for young women in 3rd world countries to get an education. ✨✨✨

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.49.15 AM.png

this is what she loves about her body..

Over the years I've learned to appreciate my body because it is mine and only mine. There's no other body in this world like mine and I kinda like that.. I love that it carries me everywhere and fights for me fiercely to get better when I'm sick. This body has a killer gut instinct that warns me when things or people aren't alright.

Samira's soul purpose is..

My purpose in life is to fight for those that can't fight for themselves, the ones without a voice. In my work with refugees and mentoring young people I get to live my purpose everyday and I truly feel blessed. My gift to this world is to make someone who feels that they are forgotten like they're not alone and that their light is brighter than they can ever imagine.

her message to other women...

I wish women would remember that they are magical just the way they are. I wish women always helped each other and grew together in doing so. I wish they could focus on their inner beauty more than what's on the outside and just shine as the stars that they are. I wish women knew how powerful they are and use that power to spread love.  

We are living in a time where women, young girls and boys are sold and used as sex slaves. Any cause that works against sex trafficking is close to my heart. The most powerful tool we have is education. So we need to be educated about this to recognize it and put an end to it when it happens around us, because it is EVERYWHERE. I truly admire the work CAST LA, ECPAT, A21 and The Emancipation Network just to mention a few, do in their fight against human trafficking. 

Thank you SO much Samira! You are a FORCE for good in the world!

We ❤You!!!


who better to start off with than this beautiful shining gem of a human???

Meet Sara! s ee what she had to say and some of the amazing things she's up to: 

Meet Sara! see what she had to say and some of the amazing things she's up to: 

this is what she thinks about her body...

I love all of it. Sincerely. Every bump, every scar, every curve, every imperfection. After witnessing my body take on cancer, break down, rally, triumph, and build back in the most powerful way I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for this vessel that moves me through my days. I honor my body. I am grateful for my body. It allowed me not only the gift of survival, but also the ability to thrive. 

Sara's self-proclaimed soul-purpose is

to show the world that hardship does not mean defeat, that painful situations need not define us, that our sole purpose as a collective is to work diligently to uncover our brightest light no matter the strengthof the darkness, creating a vibrant and flourishing world around us.

She wants you to know that

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Choose positive, encouraging thoughts and internal dialogue for they are the creator of our reality and the fuel to our light.

Cancer Warrior and Life Coach, Sara Krish, has used her master’s level education in psychology and personal experience of hardship to create powerful tools for individuals to grow out of challenge and thrive. She guides clients and fellow Cancer Warriors using her Get Lit! principles and methodology.
For individuals interested in working with a Life Coach, contact Sara directly for a complimentary Discovery Session or list of upcoming workshops, / 310-465-9154.
For young women who have had or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, join Cancer Warrior Foundation at for access to free life-shifting services. 



We're really hitting the ground running here at BLSP, working at our manifesto, heading to Costa Rica soon, planning more retreats and yoga classes...
And, we've decided that this isn't about us. But it is about us (meaning you and me, and that lady sitting next to you, and your kids, and your best friend, and your mom...etc etc.)
We've decided to start honoring our fellow warrior sisters by opening a space for them to tell their stories and answer some questions about what the heck body love soul purpose actually means to them.
We're in the business here of cultivating sisterhood that is without competition, without hatred, without boundaries. 

And, while we are calling this soul sister sunday, in the name of humanistic feminism, we're going to honor some stand-up men here occasionally, too  ...