How have you come to love and appreciate your body?

By learning about my body through massage school at the age of 18 and later yoga teacher trainings I gained an entirely new respect for my body that I hadn’t been exposed to before. Learning the importance of my breath, the safety I could feel in my body with healing touch were life changing for me. Pleasure and beauty through spa like self care gifted me to finally feel at home in my body.

What is your soul’s purpose? Your unique gift to the world?

My soul’s purpose is to share my journey and help other women know that they matter, that their trauma isn’t a life sentence and that they can reclaim their femininity, voice and power to create the success and life they desire.

What are your thoughts on sisterhood? What do you wish other women would remember?

I believe together we rise. Collaboration will always trump competition and sisterhood is the key to us breaking through all the oppression pressed upon women. Sisterhood is the most important thing for connection, shame busting, trust and community. We need each other now more than ever.