I wish other women would remember their true worth and really think about what is possible for us in this lifetime. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for our strengths, our potential, our depth, and our ability to serve the world in a way that will improve it. I wish women would focus less on the exterior and more on the interior of our lives. Women spend so much time worrying about what they look like that they neglect all of the other things that go into being human. I would love to witness a women’s revolution in which our appearances took up only 10% of our energy and attention, rather than 90%.


After moving all over the place as a child, my family settled down in Boise, Idaho, which is where I graduated from high school. I started college in Santa Fe, NM at St. John's College and finished at Prescott College in Arizona. My passion has always led me into wilderness and wild places. I've spent my whole adult life leading wilderness expeditions and exploring the world. Right now I work for Outward Bound California and Prescott College, and spend my winters in Kenya working on women's empowerment projects. I also lead yoga and nature retreats with my wonderful sister, Josie!


What I love most about my body is all of the amazing things that it can do! I spend most of my time in the wilderness, leading backpacking and rock-climbing trips, and I am continually amazed by how far I can push myself physically and the absolutely incredible places my body will take me. I love spending extended periods of time without mirrors and interacting with my body simply as my home and vehicle. My body can get so strong, it keeps me safe, it smells and hears and tastes the world around me, and it lets me know when it is time to rest.


Right now I think my soul's purpose is to compel others into transformative life experiences and guide them through the process to draw out as much meaning as possible. Over and over again in my work I've had the opportunity to inspire people to find strength, physical or psychological, that they didn't know they had. It is very powerful to stand on top of a mountain with someone who was totally convinced that climbing it was completely outside of their capability. It is always a great metaphor for what is ultimately possible for each one of us and how we are forever selling ourselves short.


LEEP is a project that raises money to send Maasai girls to school in Kenya who would not otherwise get to attend. Many of our sponsees are rescue cases from early marriage and unwanted female circumcision.

The Naretoi Women's Expedition is an annual trip in which a group of U.S. women partner with a group of Maasai women to learn about each other's culture and climb Mt. Kenya together. Both projects can always use more funding! Our website it www.naretoikenya.org