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We are so excited to be highlighting Caitlin Shrum on our soul sister blog this month. This girl is truly an inspiration and the picture of strength and grace. I (Rachel) first met Caitlin during our days as carefree, wreck-less college kids, where I was always in awe of how she remained so organized, motivated and mature, yet remained approachable, kind and genuine. 

Now, in our 30s, I'm blessed to still call you a dear friend and a role model. And you still help me know what's in fashion. Thank you for contributing to our blog and sharing your story and your light with us!

Caitlin is an HR Business Partner at Netflix, wifey to her awesome, sweet hubby Andrew, and mama to two beautiful boys, Cooper and Charlie. If you are a mom or preparing to become one, you should definitely check out her incredible birth stories on her favorite podcast, The Birth Hour.

Caitlin, what do you appreciate the most about your body?

I’ve always had a somewhat contentious relationship with my body. I guess that isn’t abnormal, but it wasn’t until I had two children (boys) of my own that caused me to pause and reflect on how I feel about my body and how I talk about it. After my first son was born via unplanned c-section, I had a lot of negative feelings about my body. As if it failed me in some way. It took a lot to overcome, but I knew I wanted to try for an unmedicated VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and prove to myself that my body was strong and capable. It was successful and a momentous experience in so many ways. I endured some of the most intense pain of my life, but I would do it again tomorrow. I love that my body was able to have two healthy pregnancies and birth two healthy, perfect little people and heal incredibly well both times.

Do you feel like you have an idea of what your soul purpose is?

I genuinely feel my soul purpose is to be a mom. I get so much joy out of the day-to-day “momming.” Granted not every day is roses and butterflies, but I find that I’m most happy when I’m with my kids and husband. Being a mom is also something I don’t take lightly. Raising two boys in this crazy social climate is a bit daunting. it’s important to me to raise them to be good people who respect others, show their emotions, and obviously always love their mama!

Why is having a tribe important to you? 

Oh man. Being a woman is so complex! I have always aimed to surround myself with strong women. I find them inspiring since being a woman is challenging in and of itself. Couple that with being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an’s a lot. We take on a lot of the mental labor of everyday life without even realizing it. Having a tribe means having a safe place to go to vent (even about the stupidest things) and be loved no matter what. I have found that motherhood comes with a lot of judgement too (unfortunately). You can’t help but second guess yourself and doubt things all the time. Having a tribe keeps me in check and puts things into perspective, so I can carry on without feeling the load of it all. Your tribe is good for the soul!

I grew up in LA and then moved to San Luis Obispo for school. San Luis is where I met my now husband, Andrew. In 2011 we moved to the Bay Area for our jobs and have been here ever since. I am an HR Business Partner at Netflix. I love the company, and feel very fortunate to work there. We welcomed our first son, Cooper, in August of 2015 and more recently Charlie, in January 2018. I’m a total birth junkie and you can find both of my birth stories on my favorite podcast, The Birth Hour (linked their stories with their names) if you’re interested!
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