I (Rachel) have been going through a yoga teacher training with 10 beautiful mittras + 3 incredible teachers, and let me tell you, yoga magic is REAL. This woman right here is one of the amazing souls I have met on this journey, and has touched all of our hearts and impacted my life immensely.
Kim has been teaching me how to love, how to be really brave and vulnerable, how to keep showing up and CHOOSE JOY even after the biggest heartbreak imaginable.

I think she has something to teach you too.

you'll know exactly what it is when you read her story..

What I appreciate about my body:

I’ve carried three children to full term, birthed them naturally and nursed all three. I’ve carried a newborn in a BabyBjorn carrier and a toddler on my hip, simultaneously. I’ve seen how much my body can endure during and after childbirth, and the changes it’s gone through as a result – at one point, I was 5’1” and 151 lbs. My breast grew to the size of melons, but eventually deflated to pancakes. I’ve lost the “baby fat," but I still have a cottage cheese butt. Everything jiggles. My 4-year old used to love to lay her head on my belly; she’d say, “It’s a pillow!”
My body has been through significant changes over a 26-year span. When I stand naked in the mirror, I see all the evidence of pregnancy-war. Yet, amazingly, it still functions just as it was meant to. I appreciate my body's physical toughness.

Finding my purpose through the unexpected halts, turmoil, and grief:

I became a mother at the age of 14. Just as my first-born was preparing to leave for college, I got married and, within months, my son was born. Three and half years later, my youngest baby was born. Shortly thereafter, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
I, literally, spent the following two and half years taking care of my children and ill husband while, simultaneously and relentlessly, researching ways to keep my husband alive. He died 11/17/2016. I feel like my life has started and stopped, twisted and turned, so many times.
I am on a journey, for sure. But, my purpose...I'm still uncovering.  

On sisterhood:

One of the things that has been a constant in my life is my sister circle. When I am emotionally drained, my girlfriends are always available to lift me up. They have helped carry the weight of my grief. My children know them as “Auntie.” They take care of and provide for my children as their own.
Sisterhood, to me, means having women in my life who not only uplift and support me but, also, share my personal goals. 

Sixteen months ago, I took a break from personal projects, to support my children through our grief and getting settled into our new normal.
I am currently working on re-opening my private psychotherapy office this fall, and will offer yoga as a form of mental health therapy to those suffering from grief and anxiety disorders.

told ya ;)