Meet Cristina Judge-Cooley! Also known as her artist alias, Najaah Sana (Najaah means success in Urdu and Sana means brilliance). She was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and raised there, as well as Durham, NC and Atlanta, GA. Cristina is a poet and a screenwriter who is also a massive film nerd and loves the outdoors!


I love and appreciate how my body is vibrant and healthy and represents/compliments my personality. My body is a masterpiece itself and I can decorate it with other art that emphasises who I am. I love that my body is my body.

I believe that my soul’s purpose is to be a leader, to lead the charge for change in all communities, not just mine. The world is my village, the universe is my community.
My unique gift to the world though, is my poetry, my words and how I form and mold them. My mind is unique and it is my also my gift. I can convey a lot through my writing, be it poetry or screenplays.

My thoughts on sisterhood/tribe are very complex. I write a lot about the subjects of tribe, family, unity, and acceptance. I believe that together we are unstoppable, indestructible but divided, there can be mass chaos and corruption. As a tribe, changes can be as will be made.

I’m very excited about finally doing what I said that I would do. The first step on a very long path of my journey. I published my first book, a poetry “tome” called The Dreamers’ Paradise: A Poetic and Cinematic Journey. It can be found available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback form.