Back in September, this beautiful creature joined her dear friend Kristin on the beach, showing up for our first ever book club/beach yoga sesh. We hardly knew what would come of this monthly meet-up idea...but thanks to her presence and energy, this tribe has grown and become a life force of its own...a reflection of her beautiful soul, courageous open heart, and the power of coming together!

because "through sisterhood, we are able to make deep emotional connections that validate and empower us." YES!

Meet Allyson!!


What do you love & appreciate about your body?

I love that my body allows me to feel life when I’m truly present for it. For example, the rush of energy I feel when I exercise to a great song or the pure bliss I felt on my wedding day. I love that my body guides me in the right direction, whether it’s a gut feeling on the next indicated step or physical pain reminding me to take care of myself. I appreciate that my body is forgiving. I’ve abused it but when I treat it well with a healthy lifestyle, I feel energized and optimistic.

What do you believe your unique gift or soul purpose is to this world?

My soul purpose is to live each day with intention. I strive for internal and external peace for both myself and others. It’s takes work to maintain the balance necessary for peace of mind and harmony. But when I’m true to myself, I’m able to empathize with others, cultivate creativity and thrive. I’ve been blessed with an artistic talent that allows me to bring visual communication, expression and solution into the world.

Why is “tribe” or sisterhood important to you?  

Someone once advised me to “find my posse.” It’s essential for my wellbeing to have a support system that I can depend on, confide in and grow with. Through sisterhood, we are able to make deep emotional connections that validate and empower us. I surround myself with women that not only bring out the best in me but also keep me in line. We are stronger together.

I grew up in Northern California and moved to LA in 2005 to study graphic design at Loyola Marymount University where I fell in love with the South Bay. I live in the area with my husband and work as the Senior Designer at a local tech company. I’ve designed for a variety of industries which led me to a diamonds diploma and real estate license. However, my passion remains in design, crafts and a good spin class!