We were lucky enough to meet this beauty when she attended our 2017 yoga retreat in Costa Rica! Her presence during that trip was mighty -- this girl is a game changer. And her words are gold. Check out some of her story below & take her up on a spin class in Orange County!

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" I love how resilient my body has been through the years. Growing up, I played 12 years of club Volleyball that allowed me to then continue to play 4 years for a Division one school. My body has persevered through 4 knee surgeries but yet I am so grateful that through healing and proper nourishment, I feel no setbacks from my injuries.

My soul’s purpose is to help others rise up through their trials. To encourage those who are going through a valley, realize that there is so much light at the lean. Often times we get so consumed with the things in our lives and we allow them to affect every part of our being: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional. However, dark times do not define us and we rise up stronger and through trial we find triumph. I want every woman to feel that message in their heart and be a beacon of encouragement.

I hope that women remember that beautiful minds inspire others and as women we were meant to inspire one another! ”

I teach spin at Full Psycle in Orange County so if anyone is ever this way, the first class is on me!! 
Send me an Instagram message if you would like to check us out :) @shelby_leduff I am also a brand ambassador for a clean nutrition supplement company that offers BCAA's, Pre Workout, Proteins and several other pure alternatives to what is on the market now to help our body properly recover from the high impact of training when we work out. 
I also work with one of our fellow Soul Sisters Nicole at Aramark Refreshments where we offer innovative breakroom solutions and coffee equipment. I focus solely on the Santa Monica, West Los Angeles area. 
PS** Missing all my girls from our Costa Rica yoga retreat... I highly encourage anyone and everyone to go on a retreat with Josie and Rachel.. but only if you want your life to change :)
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