I (Rachel) met Sarah Jane last summer when my hubby and I moved in next door. We quickly bonded over our shared affinity for faux fir home decor, adventure, and good wine. The moment she showed up to our Christmas party in the same white tulle maxi skirt as me, I knew we were going to be friends.

Sarah is a true inspiration of gentleness, talent, beauty inside and out, and fearless exploration of the great wide somewhere. Not to mention her colorful style and heart of gold.

So naturally, on our journey of discovering body love, sisterhood and purposefulness, we wanted to hear from her... 


" I appreciate that my body is mine. It’s mine to nourish, protect, and love despite all of it’s flaws and imperfections. I love that it can get me from point A to B, that my feet can take me to the most beautiful places. I love that my eyes can take in the worlds beauty and that my skin can feel the warmth of the sun.
I’d like to think that my unique gift as I get older is giving everyone a chance. I’ve always been empathetic so in tough situations I try my best to consider other’s perspectives. It helps to have a mindset that when others are disrespectful, consider their day and that we don’t know what they are going through or feeling at that very moment. We have no idea, and honestly, everyone has those days. I know I do.
A tribe is so important because I believe it keeps me grounded not only as a woman but as a person. It’s so important to have a healthy, strong, and encouraging support system in a world that seems to always focus on the negative. We need each other to spread joy, kindness, inspiration and courage.
When I moved out to California I started a travel blog as a side project to keep me busy. I haven’t posted in a while but I have every intention of picking it back up again! You can visit it at In addition to the blog I started a travel based Instagram account to go with it! I’m much more active on that and it has honesty been such a fun creative outlet for me! "