This is Becca Thorne: Soul Sister. Author. Yogi. Teacher. Coach. Grecian Goddess. 

This is Becca Thorne: Soul Sister. Author. Yogi. Teacher. Coach. Grecian Goddess. 

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I love that my body loves me unconditionally and wants me to love it back. I love that my body loves me so much that it communicates with me every day on how to love it back. I love the fact that if I ignore my body, my body will talk even more loudly for me to hear it. I love that even though I’m not perfect and even when I don’t take care of my body, my body takes care of me. I love that my body is working even when I’m resting or sleeping. I love that my body is both a well-oiled machine and a beautiful, garden. I love that my body never gives up. I love that this body is the carrier of my soul on this earth. 
My soul’s purpose first and foremost is to be fully and truly my Self. That is all I can give the world: me. That is the only gift I can give to the world that no one else can. My soul’s second purpose is connection: connection to myself, to a higher power, to creating, and to others. When I am my Self and I am connected, I am living my soul’s purpose, whatever I may be doing and wherever I may be. 
I desperately wish other women would remember that the physical and emotional abuse, that assault, the rape, it wasn’t your fault. It doesn’t define you. You didn’t deserve it. You’re not alone, dear one. I want women to remember that their voices and creativity are the most powerful tools they have. I wish women would remember that beauty comes from the soul and there’s no plastic surgery for the soul. I wish women would remember to actively love themselves today.   

Becca is a yoga teacher, writer, international holistic health coach and dream-life coach. She’s trained 695 hrs of yoga teacher training in California and Greece in vinyasa, transformational hatha, yin + yang, restorative, pre + post natal (pregnancy), and therapeutic yoga. Becca works with women from all over the world to support them on their journey to creating lives and bodies they love.

She’s from Los Angeles but has made her home in Athens, Greece with her partner, Kostas, and their grandpa cat, Canellos (that’s cinnamon in Greek). You can connect with Becca @BeccaThorneWellness on Instagram; connecting with you is Becca’s favorite part of the gig.