I am a therapist in Hermosa. I work with children and teens. My focus in my work is being able to see people’s strengths and their potential when they can’t necessarily see it themselves and getting them to a place where they can. I also work very closely with the parents to work on building a stronger relationship between the parents and the child. I work with kids from 3 years old all the way up to when they go off to college. If you need someone to grab coffee and talk about all the great things that you’re doing and have someone to be there and support you, you can call me anytime. I love meeting new people. I love connecting with others!

Body Love

I love my body because I’m able to connect with other people. I love giving big warm hugs and belly laughs that when you’re laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Those are the things that I’m most grateful for when it comes to my body and of course the ability to explore. I love the fact that my body has the ability to walk outside the door and see all the beautiful things that this world has to offer or even go to another city or another country.

Soul Purpose

What I think my soul purpose is, is to connect with other people. I love hearing other people’s stories. If you ever need anyone to cry with or jump up and down just because you did something amazing, you can call me, I’m definitely your girl. I love being able to create a space to support other people when they’re being their most authentic, genuine self.



The meaning of sisterhood is actually really important to me right now. I feel like I’ve been spending the last couple of years redefining what the people I spend my life with and who I’m surrounding myself with are. I have decided that my definition of sisterhood or tribe are the people that love and support you when you’re being unapologetically yourself, when you’re in your most authentic space. The people who are around you that are supporting you and are loving you, that’s your tribe, those are your sisters.