Body Love

Self love is a never ending process for me. Some days I love my body, some days I don’t! What I’ve learned is that on those days I don’t, it’s okay to feel that way. Self love ebbs and flows and it’s okay to let yourself feel something negative, as long as you possess the tools to talk yourself out of it and get in the right headspace. I’m all about letting yourself feel everything that comes to you naturally!! When I’m feeling down on myself or my body, i take some time for me. I’ll go to a boxing class or put on a face mask, something that makes me feel good!

Soul Purpose

I love teaching. It’s so funny because I stumbled upon it accidentally! I’ve been a working actor since age 15 (and performing since 7) but I started teaching young actors about 4/5 years ago. It’s something that’s made me feel fulfilled more than anything else I’ve done. I love guiding my young actors careers, being their best friend, their secret keeper, and their teacher. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my students succeed, it feeds my soul.

Thoughts on Sisterhood

Sisterhood is a unique and interesting thing, because not everyone has it! Growing up in LA, I’ve always found it to be rather difficult to make good girlfriends. Maybe it’s the competitive nature of living in LA, or maybe it’s because we’re all crazy (I know I am)!! Kidding. Kind of. I don’t have a huge group of girlfriends, but I’m lucky to have kept a few great ones from my childhood. The kind of girlfriends that I don’t talk to for months at a time, but answer the phone when I need them and don’t even have to ask what’s wrong, they just know. The kind that plan surprise trips to come visit you when they know you need some girl time. The kind you root for, really root for. I hope everyone has one girlfriend like that. If not, who are you gonna complain about your partner too!?

My work with Breaking The Chains is what I’m most proud of. I’ve been on the team since it’s creation, and Debra and I have such a special bond. She’s had me on her team since I was a teenager and she’s always included me in all of her ventures, but this one is special. I would say it wasn’t until this past year that I really found my voice within the foundation, and I’m so glad I did! My seminar “How To Love Yourselfie” is really my mark on the foundation, and I can’t wait to keep serving and inspiring young people everywhere.