Hannah Kopeikin

"Chillin' on the road to nowhere" in Joshua Tree National Park

" I love my body's ability to keep up with me! This body consistently handles my busy, exhausting schedule with rarely a complaint. It's also resilient and puts up with me sometimes putting it down or treating it unfairly and yet it never fails to show up for me day in and day out.

I'm still on a path of discovery to uncover my true purpose in the world, but I definitely already offer up the unique gift of active, compassionate listening both in my personal and professional life. I'm a firm believer that communication - or lack there of - tends to be the root cause of much anger and disagreement in the world. So, I continually work toward expanding my skills of articulation and listening as well as trying to get other folks around me to do the same.  

To be totally honest, I often find it hard to internalize and believe advice such as  "you're beautiful inside and out" or "all women are perfect in their own special way." Now that isn't to say that both statements above aren't true and great words to live by, however, neither has ever necessarily resonated with me.

As someone who has struggled with body image issues for years, I've always found it helpful to perspective check and remind myself that much of what I think is real and rational about myself and my body is simply a social construct imposed on me through a constant barrage of unrealistic media portals of women.

It's once I remind myself of this important fact that I can then open into a space of appreciation for all that is good and strong and incredible and beautiful about my own, unique body and personality and soul. "

I'm an extremely hilarious, sarcastic 27-year-old Californian, who's really a New Yorker at heart (lived there for 2 years after college). I currently reside in San Francisco, CA and work on diversity and inclusion initiatives for a large tech company. I enjoy the simple things in life - reading, travel, laughing, wine - and often can be found hanging out with friends at the park or watching sports (Go Steelers!). 
My dreams are big and passions expansive, but my main focus this upcoming year is to work at living more in the present... at leaning into what feels right and good. I read a great quote recently that I've added on a sticky note to my desk and next to my bed - "Ask yourself - on an ongoing basis - what you truly need in a given moment in order to then provide that for yourself.” To wake-up each day and be able to live that would be a true gift. 

One of the most loving, hilarious, compassionate, independent, dedicated & smart women I know - my 80-year-old Bubbie (Esther) - rocking her "No Pussy For You Tonight" shirt while out protesting by herself in Los Angeles today. I am so beyond lucky to have her as a role model in my life & to also be constantly surrounded by such incredible, powerful & strong women and allies. ❤️                             #InternationalWomensDay      #BeBoldForChange