This is the incredible Jennelle Gordon, who leads people on several continents into a Divine Union through the practice of yoga.


"I love that no matter the trauma my body experienced it's still integrated.  I love my legs they carry me through the day, I love the unique womanly curves I possess.  I love my heart it keeps me connected to Source, I love my Yoni for it reminds me I am Divine feminine energy Shakti.  I love my mind because knowledge can never be robbed from me.  

"My soul's purpose is to use my voice to advocate sex for sex trafficking women because as a victim I had none.  Dance Om is a vehicle I created to help women like myself who've suffered traumas to heal.  It combines my experience as a Tantra Yoga Teacher, and my exotic dance history combined with world music to take women on a journey through the energetic archetypes we possess and find healing.  So ultimately it's about educating, empowering, and enlightening women." 

Jennelle wishes that women would remember "their power and vulnerability.  In a society that objectifies women while oppressing them it's important we know our worth, dive into our sacred sexuality, and step up to strength we fully embody."  

For more information about Dance Om and Jennelle's non profit work Humans 4 Justice OC, please visit