who better to start off with than this beautiful shining gem of a human???

Meet Sara! s ee what she had to say and some of the amazing things she's up to: 

Meet Sara! see what she had to say and some of the amazing things she's up to: 

this is what she thinks about her body...

I love all of it. Sincerely. Every bump, every scar, every curve, every imperfection. After witnessing my body take on cancer, break down, rally, triumph, and build back in the most powerful way I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for this vessel that moves me through my days. I honor my body. I am grateful for my body. It allowed me not only the gift of survival, but also the ability to thrive. 

Sara's self-proclaimed soul-purpose is

to show the world that hardship does not mean defeat, that painful situations need not define us, that our sole purpose as a collective is to work diligently to uncover our brightest light no matter the strengthof the darkness, creating a vibrant and flourishing world around us.

She wants you to know that

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Choose positive, encouraging thoughts and internal dialogue for they are the creator of our reality and the fuel to our light.

Cancer Warrior and Life Coach, Sara Krish, has used her master’s level education in psychology and personal experience of hardship to create powerful tools for individuals to grow out of challenge and thrive. She guides clients and fellow Cancer Warriors using her Get Lit! principles and methodology.
For individuals interested in working with a Life Coach, contact Sara directly for a complimentary Discovery Session or list of upcoming workshops, / 310-465-9154.
For young women who have had or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, join Cancer Warrior Foundation at for access to free life-shifting services.