Meet this San-Franciscan beaut, Meredith.

She's a traveler at heart whose body has loyally taken her all across the world and allowed her to see and experience the joy and beauty this life has to offer. Meredith is a champion for strong women in all arenas of her life, and she hopes to spread compassion wherever she goes.  

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see what this brunette bombshell has to say about body gratitude, her purpose in life, and why women need to be empowering one another...

" I appreciate my body’s divine ability to change, grow and carry me through life’s adventures. I love that my body can be active and strong and make me feel invigorated in times of joy and exploration and I find comfort in my body’s ability to rest and recover and keep me grounded during times of solitude. While my body may not stay consistent in shape or size, it’s been able to carry me to the tops of mountains and to the depths of oceans. It’s afforded me the ability to see some of world’s most awe-inspiring scenery. During the times that I start feeling down or unappreciative of my body’s outward appearance, I can’t help but honor the journey we’ve been on together… and feel grateful.

I believe that my soul purpose is to find compassion and light in every situation. If more of us could demonstrate compassion toward one another, our society would change immensely.

I want women to continue to share their struggles, their triumphs, their knowledge, and their stories. Now more than ever, women need to focus on one another. We need to make it our priority to empower each other and learn from each other. We are an incredible force, we have a strength that’s been passed down from generations of women before us and we must acknowledge that power and use it for change and good in the world. "

Meredith lives in San Francisco, CA where she works at Madison Reed; a women-owned, women-run company, for women.  There she manages an event series called Own Your Beauty, which partners with other women-based organizations to address societal issues and provide education and workshops that will help propel women’s careers. Meredith's dream is to pack a bag, travel the world for a year and experience as many cultures and cuisines as humanly possible!

Like a true aquarius, Mere is a lover of adventure, a free spirit, and a seeker of any water she can take a dip in. Follow her on instagram