Women’s Challenge Hike to the top of Cucamonga Peak!

Sunday April 28th, 2019

6:45 am - 3pm

Join us for a women’s challenge hike to the top of Cucamonga Peak (8,859’)! This is one of the highest peaks in Southern California and on a clear day offers incredible views in all directions of the whole area.

This is a fundraiser organized collaboratively between Body Love Soul Purpose and Naretoi. All money will be donated to Naretoi (a registered 501c-3 nonprofit organization.)

Your professional wilderness guide: Rafaelle Abramovitz. She has 17 years of experience and first aid training.

The purpose of this event is to celebrate women’s strength and raise awareness about the struggles women face in other parts of the world, while raising funds for Maasai girls in Kenya.

It is meant to serve as a partner event to the Naretoi Women’s expedition to Mt. Kenya that Naretoi hosts once a year.

This is also a chance to meet and interact with other women with similar interests and to participate in a challenging physical climb in a supportive, team-oriented group.

Meeting point: Icehouse Canyon Trailhead


In the spirit of sisterhood, we will come together in the serene outdoors to cultivate rituals for self-care, meaningful connection, and empowerment.  

This transformational retreat is designed to help you breakthrough any self limiting and negatively held beliefs in order to access true healing and vibrant power at every level of your being! Our goal is to go beyond body images challenges, deeper into realms of soul, and to the bright center of your own life.

You will be immersed in 5 days of inspiring soul work, lots of fun and laughter, connection with old and new friends, and varying styles/levels of yoga to help you ignite a radiant and confident self-image!